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Chicken Shack?
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3/30 - The BIG

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Which HFStival artist was the best?


The B-52s
The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
Green Day
Scott Weiland
Wyclef Jean
Harvey Danger
Save Ferris
Marcy Playground
Barenaked Ladies
Crystal Method
Soul Coughing
Foo Fighters
Agents of Good Roots
Cherry Poppin' Daddies
God Lives Underwater

[Saturday, 7/25/98] Anybody else see Third Eye Blind, Our Lady Peace and Eve 6 at Merriweather-Post yesterday? It was great! Not the HFStival or anything, but still really cool. Eve 6 performed first. Their half-hour set included that "Inside Out" song. So cool. Our Lady Peace was also really good.

I was really impressed by Third Eye Blind. They performed practically every song on their album, including such hits as "Semi-Charmed Life", "Graduate", and "Jumper". I really wanted to see Third Eye Blind because I missed them at the 1997 HFStival.

If you were at the concert, or you've heard about any other cool upcoming concerts, drop me a line!

[Sunday, 6/21/98] I just recieved word that MTV has some video clips of the HFStival on their page. The clips are available in both RealVideo and QuickTime formats. Just looking at these things brings back memories. Great stuff. You can find the clips here.
[thanks Eddie]

[Sunday, 6/14/98] Hey! It's been a while since I updated the page, but (believe it or not), there hasn't been a whole lot of HFStival news going around. Those pictures I took and was going to put online, they suck! Nothing you couldn't see better at anyway.

And as a final testament to just how damn cool the HFStival was, the Tibetan Freedom Concert, the only other big music festival in the area, was CANCELED yesterday! Or delayed anyway. It will commence today, but not without everybody knowing which festival REALLY kicked ass. Geez, I don't think anyone would have cared if someone got struck by lightning during GREEN DAY's set, you?

[Tuesday, 5/19/98] There's a little article on the festival over on Rolling Stone. You can check it out here. [thanks Eric]

[Sunday, 5/17/98] Well folks, it's all over. The HFStival, which took place yesterday, was AWESOME. Sure, the temperatures were in the 90s throughout the day, and nobody left without a sunburn, but it was okay, because we could quench our thirst with $3 Cokes! Yeah, the prices were a little rediculous, but the music was great.

The best performer, in my opinion, was Green Day. While they aren't my favorite radio band, they really know how to work the crowd. At one point, they pulled a guy out of the audience and let him play a song on the guitar with the band. They also burned a drum set, and sang some Maryln Manson. I really enjoyed the morning outer stage bands, like Fuel, Harvey Danger, and Fastball. Wyclef Jean (say "john", dammit!) was great, and so was Everclear, who had the entire place singing along to a couple of their songs. Scott Weiland was different, but in a good way. Foo Fighters were great, and then, right before Green Day came on, they showed "The Spirit of Christmas", the original South Park cartoon, on those two huge television screens. Now maybe next year they can look into putting a roof onto RFK?

I took some pictures, and I'll try to have them online in the next couple of days.

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